Life through the lens....

Welcome to my blog. I love taking pictures & will take a picture of anything that is within camera range! I hope that you enjoy my photographs! ~WayoutWest

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some of my favorites...

Here are some of my favorite photographs - Things in my life that make it what it is.... things that I love.
Our old horse, Bo, he's no longer with us.

a necklace my sister gave me for Christmas one year, I love this necklace & am actually making a mosaic based on this picutre! I'm almost through, just have to find a few more pieces of brown tile for the outer edge...

Bird poop on an old horse shoe... this is my life!

an old horse taking a rest.

I love this photo... I took it about 9 years ago, and its still a favorite, even though techincally its probably not all that great, I just love it anyway!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am completely new to this blogging thing - I forget I have this & then I get on here & don't know how to change / add things... I'm learning though! If this works, I'll have accomplished something (other than a clean kitchen!).
I want to add more photos soon - but that might take me a week or two to get posted!
Thanks to everyone that has commented on my photos so far (on my facebook page) - it is encouraging, that is why I created this in the first place - to share some things that I really enjoy!